the official title for a physician in prerevolutionary Russia. Toward the middle of the 19th century, the term “physician” (vrach) was introduced in the civil service (zemstvo and municipal); in the army, lekar’ was used on diplomas until 1917. Graduates of higher medical educational institutions have been accorded the title “physician” since 1918.

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Tenders are invited for manik chandra mahto ke makan se lekar late jagdish mahto ke kona se lekar santosh master ke makan tak, brahmdev mahto ke makan se lekar paryag mahto ke makan tak, basudev malakar ke makan se hote hue mahendra prasad ke makan hote hue ramehswar mahto ke khet tak, dilip mahto ke makan se lekar biresh ke khet tak and nageshwar prasad ke makan se lekar late ravindra nath ke makan tak p.
Lines like, "Hafte Mein Chaar Aise Bekaar Rishtey Lekar Aate Ho, Jaise Daily Mall Mein Window Shopping Karne Jaate Ho.
After doing a series of epic/period films, he did something young like the song Khalifa in Lekar Hum Deewana Dil.
Joining them was Ranbir's cousin Armaan Jain, who made his debut with Lekar Hum Deewana last year.
The hypocrisy of his slogans of, " Accha din ayega" and " sab ko saath lekar chalega" was exposed when minorities were attacked by the fanatic Hindu groups and their leaders.
Oriola-KD owns the 03-Apteka and Stariy Lekar drug store chains in Russia.
Ordinace se nachazi v objektu polikliniky, se kterou ma lekar uzavrenou najemni smlouvu.
4m impairment charge of the Stary Lekar brand in Russia.
No wonder Kashgar was a constant point of reference for the South Asian bard Iqbal as he talked of the Muslim glory from the river Nile to the edges of Kashgar (Nile ke sahel se lekar tha ba khake Kashgar.
Keerawani) from Chennai and was offered the chance of singing Jadu Hai and Chalo Tumko Lekar for the film Jism.
Helsingfors: 1912), 46-48 ("Borde taflingar i lekar ordnas vid vara fester"), and pp.
It is enough just to mention the names of the groups in which he has been involved--Dunaj, E, Rale, Klar, Domaci lekar, Cikori, and VRM and it is clear that we are dealing with one of the key figures in Czech music of the 1980s and 1990.