Lendvay, Márton

Lendvay, Márton


Born Nov. 11, 1807, in Nagybánya, present-day Baia-Mare, Rumania; died Jan. 29, 1858, in Pest. Hungarian actor.

Lendvay performed with a wandering troupe and then became an actor with the National Theater in Pest in 1837. He was particularly successful in tragic roles, including Bank (in Katona’s Bánk Bán) and the Shakespearean roles of Romeo, Othello, and Richard III. Possessing a beautiful voice, Lendvay appeared in operas and in “folk plays” which combined song, dance, and drama. Lendvay’s art combined elements of classical style with romantic trends. He was the partner of G. Egressy, a representative of the Hungarian school of revolutionary romanticism, with whom he carried on an artistic feud throughout the period of their collaboration.


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