Lenin Library

Lenin Library:

see Russian State LibraryRussian State Library
(RSL), Russia's national library, located in Moscow; one of the world's largest libraries. Moscow's first public library, the RSL was founded in 1862 as the library portion of the Moscow Public Museum and Rumyantsev Museum. In 1925 it was renamed for V. I.
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About 30-40 percent of the Lenin Library, for example, was in the spetskhran (Greening, 1995).
The Russian State Library, formerly known as the Lenin Library and, prior to 1925, as the Rumiantsev Museum Library, bears witness to a long and interesting history, having survived war, revolution, and the political and social upheavals that often accompany such events.
The sociologist Richard Sennett, who was raised on children's books from the Little Lenin Library, attacks today's "flexible capitalism" not for exploiting the workers or paying poorly but for fostering instability and rewarding personal adaptability.
Kochelev's notes, now housed in the Lenin Library in Moscow, suggest that Stay Still