Lenin Library

Lenin Library:

see Russian State LibraryRussian State Library
(RSL), Russia's national library, located in Moscow; one of the world's largest libraries. Moscow's first public library, the RSL was founded in 1862 as the library portion of the Moscow Public Museum and Rumyantsev Museum. In 1925 it was renamed for V. I.
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During the upheaval of the Russian Revolution, half of the books were seized by the Bolsheviks and nationalized according to the Decree of the Council of People's Commissars of 1918, eventually landing in the archives of Moscow's national Lenin Library.
Once the Chabad delegation had confirmed to their satisfaction that books from the 'Schneersohn Library' were in Moscow's Lenin Library in 1988, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneersohn (1902-1994), the Seventh Rebbe, in 1990 appointed four rabbis exclusively for a holy mission "to resolve and facilitate the return of the ...
The emergencies ministry said around 4,500 people were evacuated after the fire broke out in a tunnel between the Okhotny Ryad and Biblioteka Imeni Lenina (Lenin Library) stations close to the Kremlin at around 8:20 am (0420 GMT).
For decades, a rite of passage for young scholars was their first acquaintance with the kartoteha in the Lenin Library or the Saltykov-Shchedrin State Public Library (now the Russian State Library [RSL] and National Library of Russia [NLR], respectively).
About 30-40 percent of the Lenin Library, for example, was in the spetskhran (Greening, 1995).
The Russian State Library, formerly known as the Lenin Library and, prior to 1925, as the Rumiantsev Museum Library, bears witness to a long and interesting history, having survived war, revolution, and the political and social upheavals that often accompany such events.
Though it has the serious disadvantage of frequently interrupting the film's emotional flow, this narrative device offers some curious glimpses of what Russia has become, from the inadequacies of the Lenin Library to the fate of elderly pensioners.
The sociologist Richard Sennett, who was raised on children's books from the Little Lenin Library, attacks today's "flexible capitalism" not for exploiting the workers or paying poorly but for fostering instability and rewarding personal adaptability.
While the Lenin Library had faithfully propagated the cult of Lenin for six decades, just days after the August 1991 coup, library director Igor Filipov ruled that the library was not a political arena and thus should not "promote one ideology above any other." To express the library's commitment to objective and free research, the library should shed Lenin's name.
It is interesting and somewhat ironic to realize that many of the historical materials collected under Rumiantsev's aegis in due course became the basis of what was formerly known as the Lenin Library in Moscow.
have restored my very soul, and shown me what the future of our great nation's art must be." Kochelev's notes, now housed in the Lenin Library in Moscow, suggest that Stay Still!
The Lenin Library's 20,000,000 volumes were mostly written to promote falsehood.