Leningrad Institute of Water Transport

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Leningrad Institute of Water Transport


an institute founded in 1930.

In 1959 the Leningrad Institute of Water Transport became the unified educational and scientific research institute of the Ministry of the River Fleet of the RSFSR. As of 1973 the institute had departments of waterways and ports, the technology of ports and of hoisting and transporting, ship mechanics, electrical engineering, and engineering economics, as well as advanced studies for specialists and correspondence departments (in Kiev and Leningrad). It also had a preparatory department, a graduate school, central advanced courses for engineers and technicians, 36 subdepartments, a geodetic base, and an experimental research factory. There are 400,000 volumes in the institute’s library. The institute maintains offices for consultations and studies and supporting locations in Arkhangel’sk, Vologda, Gomel’, Kotlas, Petrozavodsk, and Pinsk. During the 1972–73 school year, about 8,000 students studied at the institute. The teaching staff of 450 included 30 professors and doctors of science and 187 docents and candidates of science. The institute confers candidate’s and doctor’s degress and has published Trudy (Transactions) since 1932. Since its inception the institute has trained about 12,000 specialists.


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