Leningrad Krasnyi Vyborzhets Factory

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Leningrad Krasnyi Vyborzhets Factory


a plant for the processing of nonferrous metals; it has founding, rolling, pressing, and drawing works, a shop for seamless stamped vessels, and auxiliary shops. It was founded in 1857. Prior to the Great October Socialist Revolution, it produced rolled copper and brass. The workers of the factory were active in the revolutionary movement and the October Armed Uprising of 1917. After the Great October Socialist Revolution, the factory was reconstructed and expanded. It got its present name of Krasnyi Vyborzhets, which in English means Red Vyborger, in 1922.

The first electric foundry in the USSR (1927), one of the first pressing shops (1932), a vacuum smelting department (1965), and a new electric foundry (1968–71) have been built at the factory. Besides basic products, the factory has developed the production of certain unique articles. The first aluminum in the USSR was obtained at the factory’s laboratory, and the plant has developed the production of thin-walled elliptical pipes, made of copper and heat-resisting copper alloys, for tender-condensers. The first bronze monuments to V. I. Lenin in the USSR were cast at the factory between 1924 and 1928. Defense products were manufactured during the Great Patriotic War of 1941–45.

The first agreement on socialist emulation was signed on Mar. 15, 1929, in the pipe shop on the initiative of the worker M. E. Putin. The plant was reconstructed beginning in the late 1960’s. The volume of production increased by a factor of 2.33 between 1940 and 1972. The factory has been awarded the Order of Lenin (1957).


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