Leningrad Theater of Comedy

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Leningrad Theater of Comedy


(full name, Leningrad Academic Theater of Comedy), founded in 1929 as the Theater of Satire. It was renamed Theater of Satire and Comedy in 1931 and received its present name in 1935.

N. P. Akimov, director and designer, headed the theater during 1935–49 and 1955–68. Under his guidance the theater developed into a unique laboratory of Soviet comedy, broadening accepted concepts of the genre. The theater staged profoundly realistic comedies, vaudevilles, satiric plays relying on grotesque elements, fairy-tale comedies, and lampoons. Individual productions were also directed by E. P. Garin, G. M. Kozintsev, A. I. Remizova, and S. I. Iutkevich.

The theater’s repertoire was enriched by its creative association with the playwrights E. L. Shvarts (The Shadow, 1940 and 1960; The Dragon, 1944 and 1962; An Everyday Miracle, 1956; and Tale About a Young Married Couple, 1957), V. V. Shkvarkin (Spring Review, 1937; A Simple Girl, 1938; and Judgment Day, 1939), and Iu. P. German (Son of the People, 1938). M. L. Lozinskii translated comedies by Lope de Vega (Dog in the Manger, 1936, and The Widow of Valencia, 1939) and Shakespeare (Twelfth Night, 1938 and 1964).

Akimov staged and designed the majority of the theater’s productions. Throughout its history, the theater also attracted I. P. Gosheva, L. P. Sukharevskaia, A. M. Bondi, L. A. Krovitskii, B. M. Tenin, and B. A. Smirnov.

In 1973 the theatre troupe included People’s Artists of the RSFSR A. D. Beniaminov, V. V. Uskov, E. V. lunger, L. K. Kolesov, P. M. Sukhanov, E. A. Uvarova, People’s Artist of the RSFSR and Tadzhik SSR I. P. Zarubina, Honored Artists of the RSFSR A. V. Sergeeva, O. V. Volkova, V. A. Karpova, O. B. Porudolinskaia, A. V. Savost’ianov, Honored Artists of the Tadzhik SSR K. Ia. Guretskaia, and I. A. Khanzel’. V. S. Golikov became the chief director in 1970.


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