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Some dwarfs cluster in their orbits, and Crater 2 is no exception: the dwarf's orbit lines up with that of the Crater globular cluster, as well as those of the Leo IV, Leo V, and Leo II dwarf galaxies.
Petrarch and Boccacio picked up the story of Pope Joan, claiming that Pope Leo IV (who died in 855 AD), or Pope Victor III (who died 1087 AD), was succeeded by one Pope Joan Anglicus.
After all, the empress-regent Irene had been chosen by Constantine V to marry his son Leo IV [775-780], to whom she had borne the next emperor, Constantine VI [780-797].
After the crossing excavation will proceed in the direction of the shaft Leo IV the item.
There is no Pope Joan listed in the chronological lists of popes: Pope Leo IV is listed as Pontiff between 847 and 855, followed that year by Benedict III.
For example, the recently discovered bridge of stars between Leo IV and Leo V, two nearby dwarf spheroidal galaxies, may have resulted from resonant stripping.
Some of its crowning statues appear to have been hurled down onto invading Ostrogoths in the sixth century; and Charlemagne stationed his troops here when he came to be crowned in Rome in AD 800, while later in the ninth century Pope Leo IV made the Castel a key element in his fortified Vatican.
Before adolescence, Alfred made two visits to Rome, the first in 853 to the court of Pope Leo IV.
We have register fragments from Gregory I (a large one: 866 letters), Gregory II, Leo IV, and John VIII, for example, but nothing like the full papal archives.