Leon Jaworski

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Leonidas "Leon" Jaworski
BirthplaceWaco, McLennan County, Texas, USA
Attorney; founder of Fulbright and Jaworski
Special prosecutor in Watergate Scandal
Adjunct law professor

Jaworski, Leon

(1905–82) lawyer; born in Waco, Texas. Child of Polish and Austrian immigrants, he became the youngest person ever admitted to the Texas bar (1925). In 1931 he joined the Houston firm that became Fulbright & Jaworski. During and after World War II, as chief of the war crimes trial section of the Judge Advocate General's Corps, he prosecuted Nazi war criminals. He headed many organizations, including the American Bar Association (1971–72). He directed the Watergate Special Prosecution Force (1973–74) that led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon, then returned to private practice.
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Public outrage at Nixon's action empowered the second appointed special prosecutor, Leon Jaworski, who subpoenaed even more Watergate-related White House tapes, causing Nixon to fly away in a green helicopter in disgrace.
But as Leon Jaworski, the special prosecutor in the Watergate case against US President Richard Nixon, said: 'When dictators and tyrants seek to destroy the freedom of men, their first target is the legal profession and through it the rule of law.
In 1982, special Watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski died at his Wimberley, Texas, ranch at age 77.
During the trial, the story centers on the prosecutor, Lieutenant Colonel Leon Jaworski, a devout Christian who obviously struggled with understanding how or why regular townspeople, also Christian, could behave so criminally.
But President Nixon had refused to comply with a court order awarded to Leon Jaworski, the special prosecutor in the Watergate investigation, requiring him to produce the tapes themselves.
Presidential lawyer James St Clair read out the president's decision on television barely eight hours after the Supreme Court had ordered Mr Nixon to surrender the tapes special prosecutor Leon Jaworski wants to hear in evidence for the Watergate cover-up trial.
According to Hamann, the cases constructed by prosecutor Leon Jaworski (later to serve as the special prosecutor during the Watergate scandal) were founded more on racial prejudice than on evidence, but most of those charged were imprisoned anyway.
Draper's grandfather, Leon Jaworski, was a special prosecutor in the Watergate scandal.
This year, the Leon Jaworski Public Program Series presented "The Jury and American Democracy," highlighting citizen engagement, at the U.
6) Commitment by the ABA has been evident since 1971, when President Leon Jaworski established the Special Committee on Youth Education for Citizenship (YEFC).
In what he called a ``professorial'' address, Starr went to lengths to describe historical precedents on the executive privilege issue, including President Nixon's losing fight with special prosecutor Leon Jaworski.