Leonid Alekseevich Kamarovskii

Kamarovskii, Leonid Alekseevich


(L. A. Komarovskii). Born 1846 in Kazan, died 1912. Russian jurist, corresponding member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1910), professor at Moscow University.

Kamarovskii strove to base international law on the principles of natural law and the requirements of “justice”; he reviewed the questions of the restriction of the “right of war,” disarmament, and peaceful means of settling international disputes. In matters of domestic policy he held reactionary views and was a member of the Octobrist Party. He became a member of the Institute of International Law, based in Brussels, in 1875 and a member of the international court of arbitration in The Hague in 1909.


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O mezhdunarodnom sude. Moscow 1881. (Doctoral dissertation.)
Osnovnye voprosy nauki mezhdunarodnogo prava, nos. 1–2. Moscow, 1892–95.
Voina Hi mir? Odessa, 1895.
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