Leonid Ivanov

Ivanov, Leonid Aleksandrovich


Born Feb. 12 (24), 1871, in Moscow; died there Apr. 11, 1962. Soviet botanist, corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1922).

Ivanov graduated from Moscow University in 1895. He was a student of I.N. Gorozhankin and K.A. Timiriazev. From 1904 to 1941 he was a professor at the Forestry Institute (since 1925 the Leningrad Academy of Forestry and Wood Processing). From 1939 to 1947 he headed the laboratory of the Institute of Plant Physiology and from 1944 the laboratory of the Forestry Institute, both part of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. His principal works were in the field of plant physiology (respiration, fermentation, phosphorus and protein metabolism, light and water regimen, and photosynthesis; he discovered the phosphorylation of sugars). He founded the Soviet school of ecological physiologists of woody plants. He was awarded two orders.


Kossovich, N.L. “Osnovnye napravleniia nauchnoi deiatel’nosti L.A. Ivanova.” In the collection Problemy ekologii i fiziologii lesnykh ras-tenii. Leningrad, 1963. Pages 13–31 (with a list of Ivanov’s works).
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