Leonte Filipescu

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Filipescu, Leonte


Born Oct. 18, 1895, in Bîrlad; died Apr. 13, 1922, in Bucharest. Figure in the Rumanian labor movement.

Filipescu was the son of a worker. While in the army during World War I he disseminated antimilitary propaganda among the soldiers. From 1918 to 1921 he helped lead the left wing of the Social Democratic Party. He helped organize the October General Strike of 1920 and the First Congress of the Communist Party of Rumania (CPR) in 1921. He joined the CPR at its founding. In October 1921, Filipescu was arrested by the Rumanian secret police and was killed ostensibly for attempting to escape.

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By 1955, the residential area of the city was composed of individual houses consisting of P, P+1 or P+2 and buildings belonging to the administrative, social and cultural fields followed by the reconstruction of the residential area during the next year and the first apartment buildings being built between 1955-1960 in the Mara se sti, Leonte Filipescu, May 9th districts and "General Cristescu" Square (Popa, Dicu, Voinescu, 2008).