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, city (1984 pop. 2,664,309), capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, W Congo, a port on Pool Malebo of the Congo River. It is the Congo's largest city and its administrative, communications, and commercial center.
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, Congo.
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As mentioned above, Leopold II financed the American explorer Stanley to build Leopoldville on the south bank of Congo River.
Russo was born and grew up in what was then the Belgian Congo, and he and his family decided to leave Leopoldville as Independence simmered in the region.
Au Congo belge, dans le cadre du [beaucoup moins que]Cine-club congolais[beaucoup plus grand que] cree en 1950, Albert Mongita avait tourne La Lecon de cinema en 1951 sur la pelouse du golf de Leopoldville, et Emmanuel Lubalu Les Pneus gonfles en 1953, avec l'acteur Bumba.
As the text travels from World War II to colonialism, postcolonialism, and the Cold War, from Casablanca to Leopoldville (Kinshasa), it proves to be a necessarily strenuous and provocative trip.
supported the central government in Leopoldville (now, Kinshasa).
The pioneer medical training institutions (Dakar, Lagos, Leopoldville, Kampala, Madagascar) recognized the need for expanded roles of the physician.
This can be proven by documents titled "Secret defense." The mission to assassinate Hammarskjold had reportedly been initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Maritime Institute of South Africa (SAIMR) and UK MI5 with the active complicity of the Union Miniere Du Haut Katanga (UMHK), and was codenamed "Operation Heaven." The head of Operation Celeste was none other than the CIA Chief Allan Dulles, who reportedly said: "Dag becomes troublesome and should be rejected." Dulles sent a telegram to his counterpart in Leopoldville Sept.
The 10 countries with the most geo-serotypes are Germany (n = 181; e.g., Berlin, Brandenburg, Heidelberg); the United Kingdom (n = 167; e.g., Chester, Derby, Stanley); the United States (n = 148; e.g., Brooklyn, Chicago, Saintpaul); Nigeria (n = 74; e.g., Abuja, Ibadan, Lagos, Nigeria); France (n = 70; e.g., Avignon, Lyon, Marseille); Togo (n = 58; e.g., Adime, Lome, Djame); the Democratic Republic of the Congo (n = 58; e.g., Leopoldville, Mbandaka, Zaire); Senegal (n = 55; e.g., Dakar, Kedougou, Saboya); Sweden (n = 39; e.g., Goeteborg, Lund, Stockholm); and Ghana (n = 39; e.g., Accra, Ashanti, Victoriaborg, Goldcoast) (Figures 1, 2).
For instance, Belgian Congo and the Congo River became Zaire, and the name of the capital changed from Leopoldville to Kinshasa, while the capital of Chad, Fort-Lamy, became Ndjamena.
His postings included Leopoldville (Kinshasa), Moscow, Bonn, Brasilia, Madrid and Beijing.
Her dad was a merchant, and expat life in Africa was wildly luxurious -- though her parents had to flee for their lives when the country exploded in 1960, leaving everything behind and making their way back to Europe as refugees (Cyprus seemed "like a village" to her Greek-born mum after the high life of Leopoldville).