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Influence of management regime and population history on genetic diversity and population structure of Brown hares (Lepus europaeus) in an Italian province.
Many galaxies inhabit Lepus, and an interacting pair made up of NGC 1888 and NGC 1889 resides 1[degrees] northeast of Nu Leporis.
La liebre europea (Lepus europaeus) fue introducida en 1888 en Santa Fe y mas tarde en Buenos Aires.
10.6 9.8 15.4 21.5 Other small rodents 1.9 1.1 3.1 2.6 Shrews (Soricidae) 0.5 1.0 1.5 1.2 European mole (Talpa europaea) 2.4 2.7 4.6 5.8 European brown hare (Lepus europaeus) 1.0 1.4 European badger (Meles meles) 0.5 2.0 Domestic cat (Felis catus) 1.0 2.8 Wild boar (Sus scrofa) 4.8 19.3 Wild boar (Sus scrofa) juv.
En Espana habitan tres especies de liebre: la Liebre del Piornal Lepus castroviejoi (Palacios, 1977), la Liebre Iberica Lepus granatensis (Rosenhauer, 1856) y la Liebre Europea Lepus europaeus (Pallas, 1778).
Lepus alleni occurs in the Sonoran Desert only in the Arizona Upland, Plains of Sonora, and Central Gulf Coast subdivisions including Tiburon Island (Hall, 1981; Turner and Brown, 1994).
The study, conducted for QlikTech by Lepus, shows that one third (31 per cent) of financial institutions do not have defined roles and responsibilities in the data governance space despite the many business drivers for data governance in the financial industry.
The 340-km2 park's beech-forested mountains along the Albania-Macedonia border provide habitat for large predators like the lynx, who prey on roe deer (Capreolus capreolus), brown hare (Lepus europaeus) and others.
EVERY CLEAR WINTER night, Orion the Hunter and his two dogs--Canis Major, the Big Dog, and Canis Minor, the Little Dog--stalk westward across the sky in quest for celestial prey, while dim Lepus, the Rabbit, hides right under Orion's feet.
European hare Lepus europaeus (Lagomorpha: Leporidae) an invasive species in Peru