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Just one example: in 2013 Ler Devagar proposed a project to restore eight different disused spaces in the historical castle-town of Obidos, turning them into book-minded shops and spaces like the Literary Man, a library-style hotel decked with over forty thousand titles.
This LER explanation fits with previous observations: as the surfactant concentration increases, there is a point at which the LPS aggregates start to break down, but still exist in partial aggregates.
Ler will report to the regional president for ACE in Asia Pacific, Juan Luis Ortega.
There are two major developments under the LER as opposed to the Previous Regulations in respect of the definition of 'large exposure':
During the Quarter, LER sold 250,473 barrels of oil and 15,108 Mcf of natural gas net to its revenue interest, with daily sales averaging 3,878 gross (2,750 net) BOEPD for the period (99% oil).
Mi l ler has writ ten of f numerous cars in the past four years, including six in one evening.
A paciente que trabalhava como dentista tambem recebeu, em um primeiro momento, o diagnostico de LER, que lhe foi omitido.
Saw Ler Moo crouched down before Little Dog and picked a leaf from his fur, the dog licking happily at his hand.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA) for split plot based on RCB design was performed to determine density and intercropping pattern effect on sorghum and pearl millet dry matter yield , yield in each plant, crude protein, (DMD), carbohydrate and LER.
O objetivo da primeira e discutir a importancia do ato de ler, considerando o "mapa de leitura" ja tracado pelos alunos dentro ou fora da escola, e trabalhando composicoes de diversos generos (poesia, letra de musica, conto, cronica, documentario).