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For names beginning thus and not listed here, see second element; e.g., for Les Andelys, see Andelys, LesAndelys, Les
, town (1993 est. pop. 8,580), in Eure dept., N France, Normandy, on the Seine. The twin communities of Grand-Andely and Petit-Andely form a commercial center, with a distillery, metalworks, glassworks, and silk and leather industries.
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(1) (lane) A channel in the PCI Express interface. See PCI Express.

(2) (LAN Emulation) Connecting Ethernet and Token Ring networks together via ATM. LANE was also used to create emulated LANs (ELANs), which like VLANs, logically combine groups of users. Governed by the ATM Forum, the LANE User-to-Network Interface (LUNI) defined how end stations communicated with the ATM network.

Encapsulating LAN Packets
The LANE driver encapsulated Ethernet and Token Ring packets into LANE packets and then converted them into ATM cells, and vice versa. The driver resided in each client station and in an edge device between the LAN and the ATM switch.

The LECS and BUS
Implemented in an ATM switch or stand-alone server, LANE comprised two software components: the LANE Configuration Server (LECS) for address resolution, and the Broadcast and Unknown Server (BUS) for multicast and broadcast traffic management within the ELAN. See ATM and MPOA.
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Les decideurs d'alors sont persuades que le processus d'assimilation des Indiens sera rapide.
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Le Conseil s'est engage recemment dans un processus de renouvellement pour devenir un modele de collaboration avec l'industrie, les travailleurs et le gouvernement.
L'expert francais fait de gallic shrug de les epaules.
L'interet majeur de ces differents textes est qu'ils mettent en evidence la place que tiennent les musiques de rue dans la vie sociale et politique et la facon dont elles procurent aux chansonniers, plus qu'un revenu, une fonction, un statut, memes modestes, et des liens avec le monde.
In this association, the school had but one thing to do: stay in step with the factory relative to the number of individuals being prepared.(38) Many authors found the metaphors of industrial production irresistible in describing the school: "Of course, teaching was centered solely on the needs of the factory and, depending on orders, they produced more or less fitters, more or less accountants or draftsmen."(39) In keeping with this philosophy, Le Creusot forbade students to take state exams: the curriculum specialized in the applied sciences of use to the factory to the exclusion of the "intellectual and purely speculative disciplines" taught in republican schools.(40)
Le journal al-Wassat a indique, dans un article intitule "le bombardement de Morzouk ravive les conflits sociaux au Sud", que les bombardements qui ont tue plus de 40 personnes dans la ville de Morzouk ont rouvert le dossier de la situation complexe dans la ville et le conflit "social" entre les parties que les Nations unies ont qualifie de "communautes locales", un conflit resultant de l'accumulation de sensibilites ethniques entre les composantes arabe et toubou, qui eclate de temps en temps lorsque les conditions sont reunies.
Le document souligne qu'a l'instar des periodes anterieures, c'est toujours la stabilite des prix, parsemee de legeres fluctuations par endroits, qui s'observe sur les marches cerealiers.