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a historical region in Poland within the Upper and Middle Vistula basin, largely coinciding with presentday Kraków, Kielce, Lublin, and Rzeszów województwos. Tribal principalities such as that of the Wiślanie existed in the region from the ninth century. In the ninth and tenth centuries Malopolska was part of the Great Moravian State and the Bohemian Principality. In the late tenth century it was absorbed by the rising Polish state. In the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth of the 16th to the 18th century the province of Malopolska also included Ukrainian lands that had been seized.

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They cover restless dead or peaceful cadavers: preparation for death and afterlife in medieval Iceland, Bishop William Wykeham of Winchester (1366-1404) and his preparations for death, the authority of deathbed confessions in medieval and early modern Swedish law, the concern for salvation in the cities of Lesser Poland in the 16th century, death with an agenda: preparing for an aristocratic death in Reformation Sweden, dying unprepared in early modern Swedish funeral sermons, and scriptural preparations for suicide in early modern Sweden.
The new service is our fourth low-fare connection from Liverpool to Poland and offers direct access to the picturesque city of Lublin in Lesser Poland.
Silesia and Lesser Poland (Malopolska) were annexed by Mieszko or his son Boleslaus (Sedlar 1994: 20).
The Regional Development Agency of Lesser Poland Voivodeship is looking for partners in Azerbaijan to implement joint projects, expert Jacek Adamczyk told Azerbaijani journalists in Krakow on Friday.
Only then does he move on to an account of the convent at Krakow, founded in 1397 from Prague and the first Carmelite foundation in Lesser Poland.
One response is to create new composite cultures, such as the Cernavoda III-Boleraz, or the mixture of Funnel Beaker and Baden pottery in parts of Lesser Poland (Zastawny 1999).
7 billion and cover the following voivodeships: Pomerania (Pomorskie), Silesia (Slaskie), Lower Silesia (Dolnoslaskie), Greater Poland (Wielkopolskie) and Lesser Poland (Ma opolskie).
The subject of the order is the provision of services for the implementation of active protection of rock habitats at the indicated 31 sites in the complex of landscape parks of the lesser poland voivodship.
The subject of the order is the provision of services in the field of revitalization of 15 water reservoirs and active protection of herpetofauna within the jurassic landscape parks belonging to the complex of landscape parks of the lesser poland voivodship.
Contract award notice: Selection of financial intermediaries for the implementation of the financial instrument "revitalization loan" under the regional operational program for the lesser poland voivodship for the years 2014-2020.
Part 1 - lesser poland voivodship 1: The subject of the order is a 24-hour physical security service and electronic protection with an alarm system and support of the intervention group, Facilities: Krakow, Street rydel 54 (physical protection); Krakow, Street montelupich 3 (physical protection); Krakow, Street montelupich 3 (protection of tenders and escorting cash to the bank); Oswiecim, Street pileckiego 37 (physical protection); Libiaz-borek gm.