Lev Ivanovich Zhirkov

Zhirkov, Lev Ivanovich


Born Mar. 7 (19), 1885, in Moscow; died there Dec. 4, 1963. Soviet linguist.

Zhirkov studied Caucasian languages (mainly of Dagestan) and Iranian languages. He researched problems of general as well as applied linguistics (the creation of alphabets, orthographies, grammars, and dictionaries for the languages of the peoples of the USSR; interlinguistics).


Grammatika avarskogo iazyka. Moscow, 1924.
Grammatika darginskogo iazyka. Moscow, 1926.
Persidskii iazyk. Moscow, 1927.
Avarsko-russkii slovaf. Moscow, 1936.
Grammatika lezginskogo iazyka. Makhachkala, 1941.
Lingvisticheskii slovar’, 2nd ed. Moscow, 1946.
Tabasaranskii iazyk: Grammatika i teksty. Moscow, 1948.
Lakskii iazyk. Moscow, 1955.