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a city in Czechoslovakia, in the Slovak Socialist Republic, in the kraj (region) of East Slovakia. Population, approximately 10,000. Highway junction.

The historical center of Levoča, with its 14th-century rectangular square and its regular grid of blocks, is now an architectural open-air museum. On the square is the Gothic Cathedral of St. James (14th and 15th centuries), the interior of which is decorated with late Gothic wooden altars (main altar done by Master Paul of Levoča, 1508–15). The Town Hall (1550–1615) and 16th- and 17th-century houses are also located on the square. Levoča is the site of a Minorite church and monastery (1310–20).

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The Aethiopica was already known in Hungary (see above), but now two Hungarian translations are finally published: a verse translation by Gyongyosi is printed for the first time in the Slovak city Levoca (in Hungarian: Locse) and another one by Dugonics in Bratislava (in Hungarian: Poszony).
A group of these districts comprise the Banska Stiavnica District, the Kosice III District, the KrupinaDistrict, the Kysucke Nove Mesto District, the Levoca District, the Lucenec District, the Povazska Bystrica District, the Puchov District, the Snina District, the Stropkov District, the Svidnik District, the Vel'ky Krtis District, and the Zlate Moravce District.
On 22 and 23 September 2015, Zoja Seyckova and Zuzana Petraskova will attend the annual IAML session in Slovak Republic in LevoCa. They will discuss the problems of Czech musical libraries.
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Levoca (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and Spissky Hrad (a medieval castle with a museum)--30 [euro] per person.
International Conference on Local Mechanical Properties (9th: 2012: Levoca, Slovak Republic) Edited by Ladislav Resek and Pavol Zubko
The volume was written in 1545 by Heinrich Gnersich (Genersich), whose father, Melchoir, was an alderman in the upper Hungarian town of Leutschau (Levoca).
(3) See, for instance, the almost identical instruction issued by magistrates of Locse (Levoca, Royal Hungary) in 1714.
Washington, June 29 (ANI): The Sacred City of Caral-Supe (Peru), the oldest centre of civilization in the Americas, and the historic centre of the town of Levoca (Slovakia), have been added to UNESCO's World Heritage List.