Lewicki, Tadeusz

Lewicki, Tadeusz


Born Jan. 29, 1906, in L’vov. Polish Orientalist. Graduate of the University of L’vov in 1931. Professor at the Jagellonian University in Krakow since 1954.

Lewicki has studied and published Arabic sources on the history of the Ibadites and of the Slavic peoples and cataloged eighth- and ninth-century Arab coins found on Polish territory. He has also done research on the formation of a state in northern Poland and on the economic life and trade relations of the Slavs with the countries of the East.


Etudes ibadites nord-africaines, part 1. Warsaw, 1955.
Polska i kraje sąsiednie w świetle “Księgi Rogera” geografa arabskiego z XII w. al-Idrīsī’ego, parts 1–2. Warsaw, 1945–54.
Źródła arabskie do dziejów s ł owia ń sczyzny, vols. 1–2. Wrocław, 1956–69.
Arabic External Sources for the History of Africa to the South of Sahara. Wroclaw, 1969.


Soobshcheniia pol’skikh orientalistov. Moscow, 1961. Pages 107–09. (Bibliography.)
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