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language of the Lezghians, who live in the southeastern part of the Dagestan ASSR and in the northern part of the Azerbaijan SSR. It is related to the Lezghian group of Caucasian (Ibero-Caucasian) languages. The number of Lezghian speakers totals 311,000 (1970 census).

Lezghian is divided into three dialect groups: Kurin, Samurian, and Kuba. There are independent subdialects: Kurush, Giliar, Fiisk, and Gelhen. The sound system of Lezghian includes five vowels and a rich consonant system. Nouns have the categories of case (18) and number; the stem of the ergative case is used to form the oblique cases of nouns. Numerals are classed as cardinal, ordinal, fractional, and multiple (or distributive). The Lezghian verb is not inflected according to person and number; there are seven moods and a complex system of tense forms. The simple sentence in Lezghian employs nominative, ergative, and dative constructions. The Arabic-based alphabet was not widely used, and a Roman-based alphabet was created in 1928; a Russian-based alphabet has been used since 1938.


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The contest brought together the Tatars, Azerbaijanis, Russians and Lezgins, who for the first time tried to cook the national Tatar pastries.
Durante el verano de 1989, varios conflictos interetnicos violentos tambien estallaron en la parte sur de la Union Sovietica, entre uzbekos y mesjetios turcos, kazajos y Lezgins, Abjasios y georgianos, armenios y azerbaiyanos y Kirguis y tayikos.
Azerbaiyan: Movimientos neofeudalistas en las regiones de Nagorno-Karabaj, Talysh-Mugan y Lezgins.
Total and Percentage of Ethnic Minorities in Estonia by their Mother Tongue in 2000 Mother tongue of Other mother ethnic affiliation tongue Armenians 711 729 Azeris 580 293 Bashkirs 51 101 Byelorussians 4953 12270 Chuvashs 230 262 Georgians 187 242 Ingrian Finns 124 234 Jews 124 2011 Karelians 99 327 Kasakhs 26 101 Komis 53 85 Koreans 34 134 Latvians 1242 1082 Lezgins 69 52 Lithuanians 1147 965 Maris 114 129 Moldovians 308 335 Mordvins 221 339 Ossetians 44 72 Tatars 1229 1351 Udmurts 95 145 Ukrainians 11923 17044 Uzbeks 54 77 Source: Statistics Estonia.
Besides the Circassians, the working group also recognized the Lezgins, Avars, Tsakhurs and Rutuls as divided peoples.
Several months ago, Moscow hosted an international conference of Lezgins in a building owned by the Russian presidential administration.
His administration also suffered from the ongoing war in Nagorno-Karabagh and the flow of refugees and internally displaced people; a severe economic crisis, instabilities and challenges caused by the awakened and provoked ethnic minorities, namely Lezgins and Talishs in the country.
Azerbaijan has faced dissension by several ethnic groups, including Armenians in NK, Lezgins residing in the north, and Talysh residing in the south.
As a result, today some 20 per cent of the population is ethnic Georgian while a further 20 per cent consists of Lezgins, Armenians, Greeks, Ukrainians, Russians, and Abkhazians.
Georgia imploded in civil and ethnic war; Azerbaijan was fractured by the struggle with the Karabakh Armenians, faced some resistance from Lezgins in the north, and used its army to suppress a hastily formed "Talysh-Mughan Republic" in the south.
He added that majority of the killed people were Azerbaijanis, but there were also Jews, Lezgins and representatives of other nations among them.
A few weeks in advance of the visit by Speaker of the State Duma Sergey Narishkin to Azerbaijan on July 8-9, the Federal National-Cultural Autonomy of Lezgins held its first conference at Moscow's President Hotel.