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a city in Kursk Oblast, RSFSR, situated on both banks of the Seim River, a tributary of the Desna, 80 km west of Kursk. A railroad junction for lines to Briansk, Kursk, Kharkov, and Vorozhba. Population, 26,000 (1972).

L’gov has an important food-processing industry that produces sugar, wine, canned milk, and meat and poultry. The city is the site of an automobile-repair plant and plants manufacturing reinforced-concrete products and machine fittings. Its cultural and educational institutions include a medical school, the A. Gaidar Memorial Literary Museum, and a people’s amateur theater. L’gov, known since the 12th century, became a city in 1779.

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And like Turgenev's story "Lgov," in which the characters out duck hunting identify the single architectural presence of the landscape as a church, Hemingway centers Cantwell's morning duck hunting within the sacred terrain of Torcello, the church of Santa Maria Assunta--Saint Mary of the Assumption.
The conditioning variables include the initial real per capita GDP (initial) to control for a causal link from the income level to trade openness, and the ratio of government expenditure to GDP (lgov) and the inflation rate (lpi) computed as the growth rate of the GDP deflator to account for macroeconomic stability.
where finance is a measure of financial depth that is proxied by the (logarithm of) average of private credit (lprivo); fragility represents the indicators of financial fragility that are the frequency of systemic banking crises (11) and the standard deviation of the growth rate of private credit; and controls is a set of control variables including the (logarithm of) initial real per-capita GDP (initial), the (logarithm of) average ratio of government expenditure to GDP (lgov), the (logarithm of) average inflation rate (lpi), foreign direct investment (FDI), and time dummies.
En todo caso, se me antojo un penal mucho mas humano que Guantanamo, Lgov o Abu Ghraib.
At the time of the publication of the newspaper, on August 21, the sugar beet was started by 6 districts, the average yield exceeded 460 quintals per hectare, and in three districts - Korenevsky, Lgov and Sudzhansky - the yield of root crops was 500 centners per hectare.
Pre-selection : Procurement of humanitarian assistance or eliminate the consequences of natural or man-made disasters on the territory of the Kirov Lgov rural settlement in Crimea rayonaRespubliki 2016godu
Pre-selection Pre-Selection Of Participants In The Procurement Of Humanitarian Assistance Or Eliminate The Consequences Of Natural Or Man-Made Disasters On The Territory Of The Kirov Lgov Rural Settlement In Crimea Rayonarespubliki 2016Godu
Moreover, the project is a relevant complement to the LGov portfolio, and to SDC gender equality mainstreaming.