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Li T’ang


Born in 1050; died circa 1130. Chinese painter. Leading figure in the K’aifeng and Hangchou academies of art.

Li T’ang’s work was marked by transitions from severe monochromatic landscapes, full of strength and epic grandeur, to modest lyrical landscapes with scenes from everyday life. He also did historical and genre paintings. His works A Temple by the River in Summertime, An Evening Ripple on an Autumn River, and Country Doctor are all in the Ku-kung Museum in Peking.


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The physicians and health officers died at their posts; and death, the all- conqueror, rode over the decrees of the Emperor and Li Tang Fwung.
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Anyue Dazu Liu Benzun shilian tu tike he Song li Tang Liu jushi zhuan' bei de yanjiu [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] [A study of the inscription on the picture of Liu Benzun's ten trials at Dazu and the Song-era wooden tablet of the biography of Liu Benzun of the Tang].
At the Seventh Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention Research, Li Tang, PhD, reported the results of a study that compared the diets of lung cancer patients matched for smoking status with subjects who did not have cancer.
El doctor Li Tang, del Roswell Park Cancer Institute, anuncio que el riesgo de la enfermedad en fumadores y antiguos fumadores se redujo en un porcentaje del 20 al 55 por ciento luego del consumo de esta variedad de verdura.
Cruciferous vegetables have been shown to be protective in numerous studies, but this is the first comprehensive study that showed a protective benefit in smokers, specifically in former smokers, according to lead author Li Tang, Ph.