Liability insurance

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Liability insurance

Insurance that protects the insured against liability because of injury to the person or property of another.
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liability insurance

Insurance which protects the insured against liability on account of injury to the person or property of another.
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44 percent were contemplating relocation to another state where liability insurance is less costly (Simply moving across the Ohio River could shave $5,600 off a West Virginia internist's premium and $26,000 off an obstetrician's.)
* Whether existing ethics rules and/ or applicable law permit, or should permit, insurance companies and their salaried lawyer employees who represent and defend liability insurance policyholders to identify themselves by use of traditional appellations used by independent law firms.
23 (1999), involving the capitalization of an annual premium payment for protection beyond the end of the tax year, is not inapposite, for it holds that liability insurance premium costs are deducted over the period benefited by the expenditure.
This book could be used in colleges to teach a property and liability insurance course.
Liquor liability insurance is worth the cost to many businesses.
* Historic and forecast data for liability insurance in the non life insurance industry in Singapore for the period 2009 through to 2018.
The percentage of the national insurance companies' retention of underwritten premiums of property and liability insurance was 55 per cent while the retention percentage for each branch were 65.2 per cent for accidents and liability insurance; 63 per cent for medical insurance; 25.9 per cent for fire insurance; and 19.2 per cent for other risks insurance.
The General Arab Insurance Federation (GAIF), in association with the Bahrain Insurance Association (BIA), today announced that the upcoming Professional Liability Insurance Forum has received approval by Tamkeen to participate in its "Conference Attendance Scheme," whereby interested and qualifying Bahraini participants can now effectively have 80 per cent of their registration and attendance fees covered by Tamkeen.
Coverage available: Bankers professional liability insurance, D&O liability, financial institution bond, mortgage impairment E&O, trust department E&O, lenders liability insurance, lenders environmental insurance, lenders discrimination E&O, Internet liability, collateral protection insurance, real estate owned insurance, forced-place insurance, property, CGL, EPLI, fidelity, bonds, kidnap and ransom, GAP, identity theft, XS flood.
Is there a minimum amount of employer's liability insurance that must be taken out?
TRENTON, N.J., January 20 -- The Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee has released a bill to lower the amount of required liability insurance for garage keepers liability from $300,000 to $50,000.

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