Liberty party

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Liberty party,

in U.S. history, an antislavery political organization founded in 1840. It was formed by those abolitionistsabolitionists,
in U.S. history, particularly in the three decades before the Civil War, members of the movement that agitated for the compulsory emancipation of the slaves.
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, under the leadership of James G. BirneyBirney, James Gillespie
, 1792–1857, American abolitionist, b. Danville, Ky. He practiced law at Danville from 1814 to 1818, before he moved to Alabama, where he served one term in the state legislature.
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 and Gerrit SmithSmith, Gerrit,
1797–1874, American reformer, b. Utica, N.Y. He spent much of his fortune in various reforms, most notably abolition. He was an organizer of the Liberty party and was candidate for governor of New York in 1840. A congressman in 1853, he resigned in 1854.
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, who repudiated William Lloyd Garrison's nonpolitical stand. Birney, their presidential candidate in 1840, received a little more than 7,000 votes. Because of better local organization and the issue of the annexation of Texas, he polled more than 60,000 votes in 1844, drawing enough support away from Henry Clay in New York state to throw the presidency to James K. Polk. The party remained strong in local elections in 1846, but in 1848 it withdrew its nominee, John P. Hale, and united with antislavery Whigs and Democrats to form the stronger Free-Soil partyFree-Soil party,
in U.S. history, political party that came into existence in 1847–48 chiefly because of rising opposition to the extension of slavery into any of the territories newly acquired from Mexico.
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See T. C. Smith, The Liberty and Free Soil Parties in the Northwest (1897, repr. 1967).

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The Liberty Party was dedicated to the abolition of slavery.
To learn more about the Liberty Party, I turned to historian Richard Sewell's Ballots for" Freedom: Antislavery Politics in the United States 1837-1860.
Monti met Tuesday morning with the heads of the center-left Democratic Party and ex-Premier Silvio Berlusconi's Peoples of Liberty party.
The Liberty Party that fought slavery, the suffragists who battled for women's rights, the labor movement, and the civil-rights movement knew that the question was not how we get good people to rule--those attracted to power tend to be venal mediocrities--but how we limit the damage the powerful do to us.
In the summer of 1844, the Oberlin Evangelist recommended that its readers attend a series of antislavery meetings, one nearly every night, to be addressed by Oberlin professor and New Org adherent Timothy Hudson, Garrisonian and former slave Henry Bibb, OAASS agent and Liberty Party leader Samuel Brooke, Oberlin alumnus Amos Dresser, and others.
These nominations and platforms elided a few pro-Proviso dissidents from both parties, who combined with the remnants of the old Liberty Party to form the new Free Soil Party.
He returned in 2009 and held talks with several opposition leaders, including Winston Tubman of the Liberia National Union (LINU), and Charles Walker Brumskine of the Liberty Party.
And Moore, the striker Rodgers hopes can bring more goals to the Liberty party, is yet to find the net since sealing a transfer window switch from West Brom.
Addressing supporters of his People of Liberty party at a rally in Rome, Berlusconi said that he has planned a "great, great, great reform" in the remaining three years of his term.
Liberty Party abolitionists versus moral suasion-it is--Cumbler offers a refreshing and needed step forward in antislavery studies.
The other candidate is Italian Mario Mauro, a member of Silvio Berlusconi's People of Liberty Party, which also scored well on 7 June and moves into second place among the EPP delegations, behind the Germans.

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