Libyan War

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Libyan War


a rebellion against Carthage between 241 and 237 B.C. of Carthaginian mercenaries in Libya and of the local tribes of North Africa, including Libyans and Numidians.

The mercenaries, demanding payment of their wages, were supported by the local population, which suffered from high taxation. Mathos, a Libyan, and Spendios, a runaway slave from Campania, were especially popular rebel leaders. The insurgents won several major victories, capturing Tunes (modern Tunis). The movement spread to Sardinia; Utica and Hippo Diarrhytus joined the rebellion. Only after all the citizens of Carthage had been mobilized did General Hamilcar Barca succeed in driving the rebels into inaccessible areas; in 238 B.C. his troops killed about 40,000 insurgents. Altogether about 20,000 mercenaries and 70,000 natives took part in the rebellion, which was finally suppressed in 237 B.C.


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The most important events during this time was the Libyan war in 2011, sanctions against Iran in 2012 followed by Libyan port strikes in 2013 and most recently, the emergence of IS militants in Syria and Iraq.
AWACS, a multi-national program, provides airborne surveillance command, control, and communication for NATO, and played a key role in the Libyan War. Shutting down Canada's contribution to the airborne surveillance mission will save about $50 million annually in spending.