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1. a person who has received a formal attestation of professional competence to practise a certain profession or teach a certain skill or subject
2. a degree between that of bachelor and doctor awarded now only by certain chiefly European universities
3. Chiefly Presbyterian Church a person holding a licence to preach



an academic degree used in the French system of higher education and also in the universities of Finland, Switzerland, and some Latin American countries. In medieval universities it was an intermediate degree between the baccalaureate and the doctorate. In modern French universities it is the first academic degree. There are licentiates of literature, the sciences, and pedagogy. The degree of licentiate is awarded to persons who in their third or fourth year of study at an institution of higher learning have passed three or four examinations in subjects in their field of specialization. The degree gives the right to teach in a lycée (generally in the provinces) and to take the examination for the Certificat d’Aptitude du Professorat du Second Degré, which enables the holder to teach at a secondary school, including any lycée.

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[15] Unlike the licentia exercise, the doctoral examination was attended by the rector, who though not an academic official was the highest-ranking university authority, and whose presence gave the doctoral ceremony an even more formal, public flavor than the licenciate exercise.
[Unpublished licenciate thesis, University of Turku.]
Dalila Nayap-Pot, a Pentecostal, has a Licenciate in Theology from the Nazarene Seminary of the Americas (Costa Rica), an M.Th.
She began her musical career on the piano and later went on to obtain Associate and Licenciate diplomas from the London College of Music.
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