Lidov, Aleksandr

Lidov, Aleksandr Pavlovich


Born June 30 (July 12), 1853, in the village of Edkino, Belov District, Smolensk Province; died Aug. 11, 1919. Russian chemical technologist.

Lidov graduated from the St. Petersburg Institute of Technology in 1877. Beginning in 1889 he was a professor at the Kharkov Institute of Technology. His main works were devoted to dyeing processes, cloth printing, fats, the technology of organic dyes, and the analysis of water, gases, and other substances. Together with V. A. Tikhomirov, he proposed a method of preparing chlorate salts by electrolysis (1880–83). Lidov is the author of manuals on the chemical technology and analysis of gases, including the book The Chemical Technology of Fibrous Substances (1893).


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