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, Ger. Liegnitz, city (1992 est. pop. 106,300), Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland, on the Kaczawa River. A center of a vegetable-growing region, it also has manufactures of metal goods, textiles, and foodstuffs.
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, Poland.
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(41) Gerhard Kluge, "Wahlstatt bei Liegnitz," in Heilige Heimat: Von Schlesiens Gnadenstdtten, ed.
While Lower (district Liegnitz), Middle (district Breslau) and Upper (district Oppeln) Silesia each had their own "president," the governor of all Silesia or Oberprasident sat in Breslau.
After the foundation of the Second German Empire a century later, the Reich administration would make the thriving commercial center of Liegnitz, the capital of Lower Silesia (Regierungsbezirk Liegnitz).
In the case of Louise of Liegnitz, the struggle to retain control in the face of both imperial pressure and internal factionalism ultimately led to a less-than-graceful acceleration of the young prince's majority in 1675 and thus to her removal from the political scene.
Produced by schoolboy actors in the city of Breslau in 1666, the play is dedicated, as mentioned above, to Louise, duchess of the Silesian principalities of Liegnitz, Brieg, and Wohlau, by birth a princess of the influential house of Anhalt.
The Agrippina was dedicated to Duchess Louise of Liegnitz, Brieg, and Wohlau.
Dem Weyland Durchlauchtigen Fursten und Herrn, Herrn George Wilhelms, Hertzogens in Schlesien, zu Liegnitz, Brieg und Wohlau, Christ-mildesten Andenckens, Durch Daniel Caspers von Lohenstein, auf Kittlau, Reisau und Roskowitz, der Rom.
Even the notorious drunkard Henry XI of Liegnitz spent only 14% of his budget on his cellar (as compared with 29% on his kitchen).(47) Drinking (well) water meant inhuman living conditions, while the level of wine and beer one consumed directly indicated one's social rank; this hierarchy was reflected, for instance, by the exactly graduated allocations in the court rules.(48) When Bartholomaus Sastrow (later Mayor of Rostock) was once completely impoverished, he suffered "greatest hunger and thirst."(49) The fact that it was preferable to suffer thirst than to drink water demonstrates the high nutritional and social value of fermented beverages, perhaps more strikingly than statistics can.
An outstanding example was given by the dukes of Liegnitz: Frederick III was deposed by the emperor in 1559 mainly on account of his "passion for drink." So, later, was his son Henry XI.
Principal battles: Rothschloss (1741); Hohenfriedberg (Dobromierz near Strzgom), Katolisch-Hennersdorf (near Luban) (1745); Prague, Kolin, Breslau, Leuthen (Lutynia near Wroclaw) (1757); Hochkirch (near Lobau) (1758); Liegnitz (Legnica), Torgau (1760).