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There are already three Lockheed Martin TPS-77 radars in Latvia, positioned in Calas, Lielvarde and Audrini.
2) Livonians in Lielvarde (Lennewarden) (on the right bank of the River Daugava), on both sides of the River Mengele, Ogre (Woga, Oger) opposite to Malpils (Lemburg) up to Sidegunde (Heinrichs Livlandische Chronik: Sydegunde villa, a village Siggund besides Lielvarde) with the village Memekulle (Heinrichs Livlandische Chronik: Memeculle villa, Ringmundshof).
Contract award: aviation fuel jet a-1 (or equivalent) delivery lielvarde aerodrome.
Contractor address : Dravnieku iela 20, Lielvardes nov.
Contract notice: Aviation fuel jet a-1 (or equivalent) delivery lielvardes aerodrome.
Contract award: "food purchase lielvardes municipality schools".