an urban-type settlement in the Ogre Raion of the Latvian SSR, located on the right bank of the Daugava River (Zapadnaia Dvina). Population, 3,000 (1970). It has a railroad station on the Riga-Daugavpils line. Canned fruits and vegetables are produced and agricultural machinery is repaired in Lielvārde.

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There are three previously installed Lockheed Martin TPS-77 radars in Latvia, positioned in Calas, Lielvarde and Audri?
Six persons have been deemed as suspects in the EUR 200 million promissory note scandal involving the Lielvarde Regional Council, the State Police informs.
by Reuters The entrance to the deployable command post the German Air Force is seen at the air base in Lielvarde, Latvia on August 29, 2016 for an exercise lasting several months as part of NATO's Persistent Presence in eastern European countries.
Further US commitments to bolster the confidence of the Baltic countries have been forthcoming via the European Reassurance Initiative announced by President Obama in June 2014, which includes, among many other items, funds for improvements at Amari, Siauliai, and Lielvarde (in Latvia) airfields (and at Lask Air Base in Poland).
2) Livonians in Lielvarde (Lennewarden) (on the right bank of the River Daugava), on both sides of the River Mengele, Ogre (Woga, Oger) opposite to Malpils (Lemburg) up to Sidegunde (Heinrichs Livlandische Chronik: Sydegunde villa, a village Siggund besides Lielvarde) with the village Memekulle (Heinrichs Livlandische Chronik: Memeculle villa, Ringmundshof).
Print notice of intended contract informative stand, bicycle storage and area construction at ausekla street 2a, lielvarde city
Providing support to strengthening of NATO presence in the eastern part of the alliance, the German Air Force has repeatedly deployed the Deployable Control and Reporting Centre (DCRC) Lielvarde Air Force Base in central Latvia, and it will remain there for the coming three months, the Latvian Defense Ministry reported.
We remain committed to European security and know the investment in Lielvarde Air base will allow Latvia even greater capacity to contribute to NATO.
At Lielvarde Air Base, new storage facilities will be built, living quarters will be refurbished and access roads improved.
Contract award: aviation fuel jet a-1 (or equivalent) delivery lielvarde aerodrome.
Tenders are invited for Construction project design and supervision Lielvardes municipality conversions of buildings and improve energy efficiency in the operational program "Growth and Jobs" 4.
Contractor address : Dravnieku iela 20, Lielvardes nov.