Life Zone

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life zone

[′līf ‚zōn]
A portion of the earth's land area having a generally uniform climate and soil, and a biota showing a high degree of uniformity in species composition and adaptation.
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Life Zone


one of the large subdivisions of the biosphere; a spatially expressed complex of abiotic, mainly climatic, factors and groups of plants and animals that have adapted to them. The concept of the life zone was introduced by the American scientist C. H. Merriam in 1890.

On land, a distinction is made between horizontal life zones (tundra, taiga, steppe, and so on) and vertical life zones. The latter are found in mountain areas (alpine meadows, mountain forests, and so on). Life zones in the oceans are longitudinal (two polar zones with constant low temperature and floating ice, two temperate zones with sharp seasonal temperature fluctuations, and one equatorial zone with constant high temperature) and vertical (littoral, sublittoral, deep-sea, abyssal, and so on). The fact that life zones are insufficiently distinguished from topographical zones has led to a failure to use the term “life zone.”

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We include characteristics such as the life zones where they were found, migratory habits, forest dependence, trophic guild, weight, endemism, and conservation status of each species.
parasiticus collected, 27.53% (95) were found in the life zone corresponding to premontane wet forest; 22.60% (78) in base moist forest, transition to premontane moist forest; 22.00% (61) in base moist forest; 11,88% (41) in premontane rain forest, and the remain 15.28% (54) were distributed in life zones corresponding to premontane moist forest, transition to base moist forest; base moist forest, transition to base dry forest; base moist forest, transition to premontane moist forest and base moist forest, transition to base wet forest.
All of these offshore islands fall in the subtropical, dry forest life zone. The literature on this species is scant, and there are no comprehensive works on its biology.
The agriecological distribution of seroprevalence was 100% in Life Zone E (Dry Tropical Bush) with 100% in the Agriecological Unit E2 (mountains with semi-arid and sub-humid climatic conditions in three farms of Aragua State), FIG.
The native winged loosestrife (Lythrum alatum) is rare because its habitat, the Carolinian life zone, is one of Canada's most threatened regions due to the effects of urban, agricultural and industrial development.
A life zone, however, is what students found when they cast a special net called a neuston tow into the open ocean.
Hacienda Los Planes de Montecristo (14[degrees] 24' N, 89[degrees] 22' W, 1800 meters elevation) is in the Lower Montane Wet Forest life zone of Holdridge (1975).
Data are presented grouped by Life Zone. Mh: Montane wet, PMd: Premontane deciduous, PMsd; Premontane semi-deciduous, PM: Premontane evergreeen, TBs: Lowland dry, TBh: Lowland wet.