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Until yesterday afternoon, the hunt had turned up a distress beacon, an empty liferaft and items such as wellingtons, nets and buckets.
An Aberdeen Coastguard spokesman said: "The skipper did exactly what he should have in contacting us, getting the crew to wear lifejackets and taking to the liferaft.
Another fishing boat, Fair Morn, was nine miles away and it managed to locate the liferaft in the pitch darkness and rescue the crew.
Viking Life-Saving Equipment has entered into a USD multi-million, 10-year combined fixed price and exchange service agreement with Topaz Energy and Marine for liferafts.
But when we got into the helicopter the pilot pointed out a Blue Shark circling our liferaft.
IN HARBOUR: The trawler Evening Star' ESCAPE: The boat's liferaft is launched' RESCUE: The crew are winched to the copter' SUNK: The trawler disappears under the waves
While there, Minister Pyne witnessed the signing of two UK Type 26 contracts placed with Australian based companies, Liferaft Systems Australia and Mackay Consolidated Industries.
The fisherman kept calm and put safety first when he had to abandon his boat Inshallah and climb into his liferaft.
Interior lifelines help occupants stabilise themselves during heavy seas, while exterior pressure relief valves ensure excess CO2 is not released into the liferaft.
FOUR men were winched to safety from a liferaft as their fishing boat sank.
FOUR men were winched to safety from a liferaft in a dramatic rescue after their fishing boat sank in the Irish Sea.
9% increase will affect list prices on all types of liferaft rental exchange (LRE) safety products and services marine products and chemicals as well as agency services.