lift platform

elevator car platform

The structure which forms the floor of an elevator car and directly supports the load.
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The 43.3m boom offers well-rounded performance featuring strong lifting capacities and aerial lift platform floor height of 45.7m with the main boom and 62.5m with the jib extended.
Capable of lifting 1,000-pound loads, the lift 10 x 12-foot lift platform rises up 6 feet.
"The GLP platform is located near the new gas lift platform in Salman field.
The programmable lift platform (PLP) has been developed to improve flexibility in car plants to cut costs.
They're calling this "Programmable Lift Platform" (PLP).
Paisley fire station, in Renfrewshire, was due to get a custom built Aerial Lift Platform to replace an old vehicle in May.
The module consists of a structural steel frame, a wigwag pendulum basket driven by a variable speed AC motor, two independent press-down devices and a hydraulic lift platform. This combination accurately stacks the stock onto the pallet where the stock press-down devices fold the wigwagged ends to create a neat looking stack.
The user drives the scooter onto a lift platform with rails that fit the tire pattern of the scooter (two rails for a four-wheel scooter, three rails for a three-wheel scooter).
Built on a scissor lift platform with a fully enclosed ball bearing roller turntable, the free-standing units are clutter free and can easily be moved throughout a facility by forklift.
Equipped with a low profile, open-ended platform, the PalletPal roll-in level loader allows the forks of a hand pallet truck to roll into it--between the platform's outer beams and center support beam--to place the pallet on top of the scissor lift platform. Acting as a manual palletizer for loading and unloading full pallets, the device accommodates loads on any open-bottom pallet or skid, and ensures that the load is evenly placed when the hand truck is lowered and rolled away.