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In fixed-wing airplanes, ground effect may be defined as an increase in lift and decreased induced drag when the wings are close to the surface (ground or water), increasing an airplane's lift-to-drag ratio.
In order to deal with higher altitude, which in turn, result in longer transit periods for operators, CPS has highlighted a series of upgrades designed to make parachute openings more consistent and less dangerous while improving flight stability and manoeuvrability, and managing safe landings: "Our developmental programme demonstrated that a few subtle design revisions to the existing MS family, primarily changes in airfoil shape and line trim, improved the lift-to-drag ratio.
Citing reports from The Filipino Times, the contest solicited innovative ideas which would help increase the lift-to-drag ratio of NASA's inflatable spacecraft invention, the Hypersonic Inflatable Aerodynamic Decelerator (HIAD).
Was she some sort of 'Jilly Elliot' figure; turning down her turn in the Wendy house to finish building a wind tunnel out of her mam's hairdryer and granda's lit woodbine so she could test the lift-to-drag ratio of her latest wing design?
This paper focuses on generating a feasible steady glide reference trajectory, especially for high lift-to-drag ratio reentry vehicle, using numerical optimal method.
To further increase fuel consumption through improved aerodynamics, the SUGAR Volt also features a truss braced wing that enables a higher span, aspect ratio, and lift-to-drag ratio.
The rigid wingsail provides more lift than traditional soft sails as well as a better lift-to-drag ratio.
Seventy-five percent of the aerodynamic downforce acts on the rear of the car; the lift-to-drag ratio is >4.
Washington, Dec 18 ( ANI ): After three years of innovative study, researchers have presented a body-wing-blending configuration with double flanking air inlets layout to aim at design requirements of high lift-to-drag ratio as well as high volumetric efficiency of next generation hypersonic airplanes.
The problem with blended-wing bodies had always been that to get a really good lift-to-drag ratio there needed to be tail-less design, but that brought into play the problem of how to do pitch control.
For example, by adding winglets to aircraft wingtips we can effectively increase the wing span, and thereby increase the lift-to-drag ratio," said Dr.
Effectiveness in gliding flight is accomplished by the lift-to-drag ratio and by preventing stalling.