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an urban-type settlement in the Cēsis Raion of the Latvian SSR. It is located on the Līgatne River (a tributary of the Gauja River), 6 km from the Līgatne railroad station (on the Riga-Valmiera line) and 60 km northeast of Riga. A paper factory is located in the settlement.

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Two rehabilitation centers in Vidzeme Region were examined: the rehabilitation centre Ligatne located in a beautiful place in the territory of Gauja National Park, and the rehabilitation center Krimulda set up in Krimulda Manor house, on the right bank of the picturesque River Gauja.
Another cave was an over 50 m long man-made sandstone gallery in Ligatne village, called Remdenkalna cave, and the last one was a 60 m long dolomite cave (called 'Siksparnu' or 'Bat' cave), which probably is a former underground mine.
Sandra Kazoka is making homemade cakes, cookies and pies in the town of Ligatne, next to Cesis.
There was something reminiscent here of the blue-flower ravines of Sigulda, of the primeval red rock of Ligatne. As if freed from all confines and narrowness, a wild forest adjoined the small property.
The scope of this study includes the investigation of the spatial distribution of landslides and gullies in the Gauja River valley between Sigulda and Ligatne and determination of their related factors.
Physical parameters of the Latvian structural traps Structure Depth, m Thickness, m Area, C[O.sub.2] [km.sup.2] storage capacity, Mt Aizpute 1096 65 51 14 Blidene 1050 66 43 58 Degole 1015 52 41 21 Dobele 950 52 67 56 Edole 945 71 19 7 Kalvene 1063 45 19 14 Liepaja 1072 62 40 6 Luku-Duku 937 45 50 40 North Kuldiga 925 69 18 13 North Ligatne 750 50 30 23 North Blidene 920 40 95 74 South Kandava 983 25-30 69 44 Snepele 970 30 26 17 Usma 975 50 20 2 Vergale 981 65 10 5 Viesatu 1020 50 19 10 Total 404