Light Alloys

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Light Alloys


structural alloys based on aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and beryllium. They are characterized by a higher specific strength (strength/density ratio) than, for example, iron-based or nickel-based structural alloys. Thus, for identical tensile strength (~450 meganewtons per sq m), Duralumin is three times lighter than boiler plate—that is, its specific strength is about three times greater.

Light alloys are widely used in aircraft and rocket design, shipbuilding, transportation engineering, instrument-making, automotive engineering, chemical apparatus design, electrical engineering, civil construction, and nuclear power engineering, as well as in the production of consumer goods.

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They cover coating technologies generally, friction surfacing, friction stir processing, surface reinforcements of light alloys, and characterizing friction stir processing by electrical conductivity.
They discuss mechanisms of superplasticity, grain boundary sliding, deformation and cavitation, microstructures, and textures; superplastic materials like ceramics, light alloys, titanium alloys, and intermetallics; design, testing, and numerical modeling; the forming process and SPF structure simulation; forming dies and post SPF processes and properties; processing, including grain refinement and processing, high strain rate and low temperature superplasticity, and superplastic forging and rolling; and industrial applications mainly in aeronautics and the automotive industry.
It funds research that seeks to replace steel and light alloys with fibre-reinforced composites, including carbon fibre, in automotive designs.
Advances on hot extrusion and simulation of light alloys.
For a start, the birthday X5 will be painted in a unique Sophisto Grey metallic paint, complete with 20in Y-spoke light alloys.
He has an extensive record of collaborative research with industry, making extensive R&D and engineering contributions to the steel industry and auto parts industry in many areas including steel making, rolling, micro alloying, and automotive casting processes, particularly for light alloys of magnesium and aluminium.
A Magthro eddy current plant designed by Rutherford Light Alloys of Grantham, U.K., has been installed at Northwest Recycling in Houston.
The energy range available on BM16 is well suited to measurements of residual strain in components made in light alloys, (Al- or Ti-based), linked for example to aerospace applications [19].
All vehicles have light alloys wheels and rear air suspension with comfortable cabs, fully equipped with every creature comfort, including leather upholstery and a fridge.
This high-production and jobbing foundry handles light alloys via sand molding, permanent mold and pressure diecasting as well as other pressure diecast nonferrous metals.

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