Light Fishing

Light Fishing


the catching offish with the aid of artificial light. Many fishes are attracted or repelled by underwater or abovewater light sources. For example, light attracts sprats, sauries, mackerel, and sardines but frightens off cod, tuna, stiarks, and eels. The success of light fishing depends on biological factors (for example, the age of the fish), environmental conditions (water temperature and transparency, the phase of the moon), and the position and spectral characteristics of the light source. The behavior of the fish can be controlled by altering the intensity of the light. The fish can be attracted or driven away and led from one light source to another. The fish can also be brought closer to the light source or raised to the surface. For these purposes, it is possible to use lamps, light clusters, spotlights, light buoys, light passages, light barriers, and strings of lights. The fish are caught with conical nets, side lifts, or fish pumps. The use of light sources increases the effectiveness of purse and set seining and trawling. Incandescent and fluorescent lamps are most often used. In certain instances, for example, in fishing for saury, blue and red light is used. Light fishing is widespread in Japan, the USSR, and other countries.


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I had an Insect Shield shirt on, and light fishing pants with Sawyer's applied to them.
Joe's years of experience of fishing with the Welsh team using light fishing tackle in the Mediterranean, paid off with him winning both days of the competition.
The Fisheries Laws of Ghana, especially, the Fisheries Regulation passed in 2010, LI 1968, bans light fishing.
He also mentioned because of the abundance of light fishing vessels in the sea of ??Indonesia, such as "floating country".
Anglers often use a light fishing rod and troll the rig so that the spoon wobbles back and forth, but does not spin.
Roker pier had also been giving anglers good sport, light fishing with floats, using ragworm and mackerel bait, for hard fighting coalfish.
I have noticed however that despite the array of light fishing tackle available today, some women will always opt for the heavier variety which can put a tremendous strain on the body.
But fly fishers who know and fish the river always return because of light fishing pressure and eager wild fish.
June 22-25: Pensacola Sports Association Bud Light Fishing Rodeo
Likewise, waters where there is limited public access, very light fishing pressure, or ecological conditions that make trout survival unlikely (such as high water temperatures or low oxygen levels), would not receive stocked fish either.
Not only are dawn and dusk the best time to get reds and trout to fire off, but dock light fishing explodes in the cool darkness.