Light Artillery

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light artillery

[′līt är′til·ə·rē]
All guns and howitzers of 105-millimeter caliber (4.13-inch bore) or smaller.

Light Artillery


the obsolete name for artillery designed for the direct support of infantry in battle.

In the Russian Army the light artillery was made up of gun systems that ordinarily did not weigh more than 2 tons when traveling and that were able to move with the infantry both on and off roads. Light artillery guns could be moved for short distances by hand. In modern armies battalion and regimental artillery are sometimes called light artillery.

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Equipment and weapons are mostly donated Eastern Bloc items--old AK-47S from the former East Germany, light artillery from the Czech Republic, mortars from Poland, communications equipment from Romania.
'Muslims of the world -don't worry about them, these two guests, they are fine,' he said Residents in Shin Warsak, five miles southwest of the main town of Wana, reported seeing scores of army trucks, carrying troops and weapons, including light artillery and heavy machine-guns.
Residents reported seeing scores of army trucks, carrying troops and weapons, including light artillery and heavy machine-guns, and some armoured vehicles.
In 1892 the Cavalry and Light Artillery School was built at Fort Riley and, later, the Mounted Service School focused on training individual soldiers and officers rather than regiments.
The availability of British light artillery elements in Afghanistan has taken some of the immediacy out of the decision-making process as far as the US is concerned.
It is thought to have 12,000 to 15,000 armed soldiers, 60 to 70 tanks and armoured vehicles, some light artillery and about 30 fighter aircraft.
His attachment for the light artillery service began early in his West Point days, when he experienced the excitement of a cannonier at artillery drills, and grew as he became more experienced as an officer.
Light mortars - light artillery pieces used to loft a shell in a high trajectory at opposing forces.
Born at Dayton, Ohio (October 6, 1857), graduated from West Point, and commissioned in the 3d Cavalry (1881); serving in the west, he saw action in the campaign against Geronimo (May 1885-October 1886) and in patrols along the Mexican border; graduated from the Cavalry School (1883); instructor at the Cavalry and Light Artillery School, Fort Riley (1893-1894) and at Fort Leavenworth (1895-1898); as captain (May 1898) he was assigned to Gen.
A second echelon, again equipped with light artillery and pioneers, was responsible for eliminating bypassed enemy positions.
Passionate about the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln, he enjoyed being an active participant in Civil War reenactments joining the 9th Battery, Massachusetts Volunteer Light Artillery. He also enjoyed poetry, music especially the Boston Pops, and nature which lead him to conduct guided bird watching tours for the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

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