light dimmer

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A device which varies the light intensity of a light source without appreciably affecting the spatial distribution of the light; usually an electric control device that varies the current flow and hence the light output of the lamp. dimmer room A room in which are located the dimmers for controlling the lights for an auditorium or theater.
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Google's presence was easily identifiable with activation centres, games and presenters walking around the convention floor, but Amazon dominated the arena by the sheer volume of products that worked with the Alexa voice assistant, like robovacuums, light dimmers and even mosquito zappers.
Well this modern masterpiece of architecture has its very own hideaway for film-lovers, complete with a drop-down screen and light dimmers.
The unit is compatible with home automation devices that support Z-Wave technology, such as light dimmers, door and window sensors, and locks and thermostats.
The refurbished rooms now feature light dimmers, flat-screen TVs with DVD players, an interactive TV menu and iPod docking stations.
"We replaced two light dimmers and had to go back two weeks later to adjust the dimmer settings.
<p>Leax Controls makes LonWorks-based building systems, such as light dimmers, that can control objects automatically.
(, headquartered in Coopersburg, PA, offers a variety of light dimmers, whole-home and whole-building dimming systems, controllable window treatments, and color-matched accessories, including wall plates, receptacles, and fan controls.
Unlike other products that use home electrical lines for data and voice transmission, the DUALjack's performance is not affected by power line noise caused by items such as hair dryers and light dimmers. In addition the DUALjack achieves much higher data throughput performance than power line carrier solutions, is more energy efficient, and is optimized to carry both voice and data with a single unit.
The S9648 is appropriate for light level measurement applications including energy saving sensors for televisions and in light dimmers for liquid crystal panels.