light transmittance

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When radiant flux is incident on a medium, the ratio of the flux which emerges from the medium to the flux which is incident upon it.
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4) Light transmittance of the prepared coatings was measured by a UV/Vis spectrometer (UV500, Unicam) over the wavelength range of 400-700 nm with respect to a glass substrate.
sup][7],[8] Light transmittance aggregometry (LTA) was the most widely used platelet function test and has been considered as the "gold standard" method.
However, there are no light transmittance in the UV region ([lambda] = 200-400 nm) for POSS/PMMA hybrid materials, which was similar to pristine PMMA.
This is clearly demonstrated in Figure 2, where horizontal illuminance along the center of the classroom is plotted as a function of distance from the window, for three shade fabrics with a diffuse light transmittance of 3%, 7% and 12%, for the baseline (Base) and advanced (Adv) shading systems on March 3rd at 10 am standard time.
For light transmittance measurements, it is the sample turning.
This glazing maximizes light transmittance while minimizing solar heat gain and is surface treated to prevent ultraviolet degradation.
variation 1: two clear glass panes: light transmittance [tau] = 0.
However, if the rear windows allow at least 35 percent light transmittance, a tint that allows at least 35 percent light transmittance also may be used on the front side windows.
2]/g, a tint strength (TINT) of 50-150% and a light transmittance of toluene extract of not less than 90% and a relation between the nitrogen adsorption specific surface area and the light transmittance of toluene extract satisfies the following equation (I):
Passengers will be able to control visible light transmittance of a dimmable panel between the inboard dust cover and outboard structural cabin window system.
Electrochromic glass allows variable control of the sun's energy transmission from 4% to 40% of light transmittance and from 2% to 20% solar energy.