Lighting Installation

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Lighting Installation


the aggregate of illumination-engineering devices used for illumination. The concept of lighting installation is used mostly in reference to installations of artificial electric illumination, in which case the installation includes the lighting devices with their light sources, the starting and controlling apparatus, supply mains, switchboards, and various electrical equipment used for the distribution of electric power to the lighting devices. In addition, the term “lighting installation” is usually understood to include all special equipment used to improve the quality of illumination, for instance, an artificial background. The term also refers to medical equipment for producing radiation, signal lanterns, and surfaces that play a role in the spatial redistribution of the luminous flux, such as the walls and ceilings of rooms.

In the USSR, the construction and operation of lighting installations are regulated by standards and rules. According to these regulations, lighting installations must satisfy all requirements relating to the illuminance and quality of illumination; these requirements are determined by the specific properties of the object to be illuminated. Lighting installations must also be economical, reliable, free from electric shocks, free from fire hazards, and simple to mount and service. A lighting installation frequently constitutes an integral part of the artistic design of a given area, such as a room, a building, or a street. In this case, the installation must meet higher aesthetic standards. Lighting installations of industrial establishments and offices are considered to be part of their own electric power system, and are, as a rule, serviced by specially trained personnel.


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