Lightning Protection

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lightning protection

[′līt·niŋ prə‚tek·shən]
Means, such as lightning rods and lightning arresters, of protecting electrical systems, buildings, and other property from lightning.
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Lightning Protection


the complex of measures and technical equipment for protecting buildings, structures, and the equipment of electrical installations from damage by direct strikes of lightning.

Lightning protection is effected by grounded rod-shaped or cable-type lightning arresters, which are erected over the object to be protected. In order to provide dependable protection against lightning, all metal structures and pipes in a building are joined together and grounded. The equipment of electric power-distributing facilities is protected from surges caused by lightning strikes to transmission lines by bus-mounted valve arresters and by the transmission line at the approach to the electric substation.

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The MIAA explained that "while the airplanes have their own lightning protection, continued movement of ground personnel are discouraged because of the possibility of current to travel on the pavement before it finally discharges on the ground especially if the aircraft has not finally reached the radius of protection." "Personal protection equipment or gears worn by ramp workers may not be enough to protect them from the at least 24 megavolts of current carried by a lightning," it added.
While airplanes have their own lightning protection, the continued movement of ground personnel is discouraged because of the possibility the current might discharge on tall objects against a level field like the tarmac.
Premier Technical Services is a provider of facade access and fall arrest equipment services, lightning protection and electrical testing, high-level cleaning and training solutions.
Extensive use of electrical and electronic equipment in industry, offices and homes shows that conventional lightning protection solely is no longer sufficient.
When a building is equipped with a lightning protection system, the destructive power of the lightning strike is directed safely into the ground, leaving the structure and its contents undamaged.
He continued, "The Active Lightning Protection equipment recommended by our firm is used to protect buildings in a range of sizes and configurations from the risk of a direct lightning strike.
People in the trade also continually come across people who have structural lightning protection for their building, but have suffered damage to the electronic systems within.
Wallis is one of the world's leading manufacturers of 'Earthing and Lightning Protection' products based in Nottingham, UK.
Wallis is a renowned name in the construction industry catering to the earthing and lightning protection requirements for all type building projects.
Check your electrical grounding systems and take a total systems approach when evaluating lightning protection, recommends David Brender, National Program Manager for the Copper Development Associations Electrical Program.
Lightning protection is a specialty discipline that requires trained and experienced designers and installers.
Burj Khalifa, which has experienced several lightning strikes, boasts one of the most advanced lightning prevention systems in the world, said Param Singh, regional marketing manager at Manav Enterprises, the company which installed the lightning protection system in the tower.

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