Lightning Protection

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lightning protection

[′līt·niŋ prə‚tek·shən]
Means, such as lightning rods and lightning arresters, of protecting electrical systems, buildings, and other property from lightning.

Lightning Protection


the complex of measures and technical equipment for protecting buildings, structures, and the equipment of electrical installations from damage by direct strikes of lightning.

Lightning protection is effected by grounded rod-shaped or cable-type lightning arresters, which are erected over the object to be protected. In order to provide dependable protection against lightning, all metal structures and pipes in a building are joined together and grounded. The equipment of electric power-distributing facilities is protected from surges caused by lightning strikes to transmission lines by bus-mounted valve arresters and by the transmission line at the approach to the electric substation.

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Established in 1957, BEST is a privately-owned market company in lightning protection, specialist earthing, surge protection and steeplejack services.
Extensive use of electrical and electronic equipment in industry, offices and homes shows that conventional lightning protection solely is no longer sufficient.
When a building is equipped with a lightning protection system, the destructive power of the lightning strike is directed safely into the ground, leaving the structure and its contents undamaged.
He continued, "The Active Lightning Protection equipment recommended by our firm is used to protect buildings in a range of sizes and configurations from the risk of a direct lightning strike.
This is accomplished by surrounding it in what is known as a Faraday cage whereby a system of lightning protection conductors and lightning rods are installed on the roof of a building to intercept any lightning before it strikes.
What we have now is a total systems approach to lightning protection.
Today's buildings require more than that, and safety standards now declare that lightning protection systems be designed to protect contents, equipment, and all functions inside a facility, which means everything has to be interconnected and grounded from earth to roof level.
Taking the leadThe traditional lightning protection and earthing systems currently being used by developers in the region - which are no more than an iron rod and shafts fixed on top of the building - are grossly inadequate when it comes to safety of life and delicate equipment, especially in mega structures.
Keywords: Lightning Protection System, Grounding System, Rolling Sphere Method, Critical Resistance of Electrode.
of Technology and Economics, Hungary) created the program for a course on lightning protection and aims the book at upper level undergraduates and postgraduate students in electrical engineering, construction, physics, and meteorology.
Payne's Understanding Boat Corrosion, Lightning Protection And Interference (1574091-999, $13.
American International Group is offering a 2% discount for homeowners premiums for homeowners who purchase a certified lightning protection system, installed by a Lightning Protection Institute certified installer.

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