Lilian Baylis

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Lilian Mary Baylis
Theatrical producer and manager
Known for Revived Old Vic and Sadler's Wells. Founded forerunners of English National Opera, National Theatre and Royal Ballet.

Baylis, Lilian:

see Old VicOld Vic,
London repertory company and theater. The Old Vic theater opened in 1818 as the Coburg, and was renamed the Royal Victoria in 1833, soon familiarized to the Old Vic.
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LILIAN BAYLIS should find the return to 10 furlongs in her favour as she tackles the EBF / Family Friendly Gatwick Airport Fillies' Handicap at Brighton.
Six students from Elmhurst School for Dance in Edgbaston - the associate school of the Birmingham Royal Ballet - were honoured at the Cechetti competition, held at the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells in London.
The Sadler~s Wells theatres include the main auditorium itself (1 568-seats), the Peacock Theatre (1 000-seats) and the Lilian Baylis Studio (184-seats).
But, for now, James and his team are focusing on the tour which so far includes 16 venues (more will be added as the year progresses), including the Lilian Baylis Studio at Sadler's Wells, a key London venue with which the company has established a strong relationship during the last six years.
The Olympic star and London mayor visited the Lilian Baylis School in Kennington, south London.
Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone was at the Lilian Baylis Technology School in Kennington, South West London, to take part in the session and announce pounds 1.
There are few books like it for raising issues surrounding responsibility within the community,' claims Caroline Sharpe, an English teacher from London's Lilian Baylis Technology School, who goes on to say that the character of Boo Radley and the court-case 'raise passionate views from students .
In 1936, Lilian Baylis, then manager of the Old Vic and Sadler's Wells and a woman who was running an opera company, a Shakespeare company, and a dance company, accepted an invitation from the International Federation of Business and Professional Women to speak at their conference in Paris.
In which disused London theatre did Lilian Baylis establish a successful opera and ballet company in the 1930s?
At more or less the same time, she met Lilian Baylis, who was running with benevolent despotism the Old Vic Theatre and, later, the newly built Sadler's Wells Theatre.
Sadler's Wells, the famous London dance venue, has nurtured balletLORENT since being won over by Angelmoth, its fairytale fantasy which was premiered in Newcastle (at Dance City) and then became the Christmas show in its Lilian Baylis Studio in 2008.