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1. A straight-grained, fine textured wood used for paneling.
2. A straight-grained, fine-textured wood used for interior paneling. See also: Douglas fir

korina, limba

A hardwood of central and west Africa, light to moderately heavy, having a straight grain and fine texture; one variety is light cream to pale yellow in color, while the other is light brown; used for paneling.


A straight-grained, fine-textured wood of the limba tree; esp. used for paneling.
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He bought cocaine for Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000 per gram depending on the needs of the customers in Hyderabad," Additional DCP of Task Force, Limba Reddy was quoted as saying by (http://www.
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Nisbet the eland was born at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling to parents Limba and Bud on Tuesday, August 6.
In the North, the Temne ethnic group is the largest one with smaller numbers of Limba, Korankoh, Madinka, Loko and Fulas (24).
But what had been transformed, in fact, seemed to be the instruments themselves, realized by the artist in collaboration with specialized craftspeople, and characterized by bizarre textures created by digging into the various layers of differently colored wood, including, to name a few, Japanese ash, black limba, and spruce.
Limba romana are toate premisele valorice pentru a deveni o limba universala, dar nu stiu daca e posibil acest mars istoric.
Desde su experiencia de campo con grupos limba de Sierra Leona (Africa occidental), en Suva, (capital de las islas Fidji) y en la ciudad de Milton Keynes (Buckinghamshire, Inglaterra), Finnegan demuestra que el estudio de la musica y del arte son centrales en la disciplina antropologica y no un ambito especial o, a lo peor, marginal, de la misma.

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