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(linden), a genus of deciduous trees of the family Tilia-ceae. The trees are 15–25 m high (sometimes 40 m) and have a diameter of 2 m (sometimes 5 m). The bark is grayish brown and often cracks on older trees. The leaves are alternate, round or broadly ovate, sinuate or truncate at the base, and dentate (less often, smooth-edged; sometimes lobed; and in garden forms, pinnately cleft). The inflorescence is a cyme, and an oblong ligulate bract is attached to the peduncle. The regular flowers have five sepals and five white or yellow-white petals; sometimes there are infertile petaloid stamens, or staminodes. There are numerous stamens, and the ovary is superior with three to five cells. The nutlike fruit has one to three seeds and is smooth, tuberculate, or ribbed. Sometimes these trees, particularly the European linden (Tilia europea), live 500–1,000 years.

There are approximately 50 species of Tilia in the northern hemisphere. Seventeen species are found in the USSR, the most common being littleleaf linden (T. cordata), European linden, T. caucasica (in the Caucasus), and T. amurensis (in the Far East). Lindens can tolerate shade and are resistant to wind and smoke. They are propagated by seeds and readily produce new shoots from the stump. They yield large quantities of nectar. Lindens are widely cultivated in parks. Their soft and easily worked wood is used for production of furniture, tubs, veneers, and musical instruments. The phloem is used in the production of bast, and the bark of young trees is used for making baskets, footwear, and twine. A tincture of the dried white inflorescences and the bracts is taken internally as a diaphoretic; it is also used as a gargle. Linden flowers are used in diaphoretic tea.


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Keep your body silky smooth all over with Sisley's Very Dry Body Cream with Shea and Kokum butter, chestnut and lime blossom to balance the skin and prevent drying out and flaking.
There was a hint of lime blossom and apricot fruit, but this was overwhelmed by a toasty creamy oakiness, destroying the character (14).
Try French lime blossom for extra floral notes, nutmeg and ginger to add a hint of wintery spice or grapefruit to create an uplifting citrus scent.
Their French lime blossom cologne or bath oil is delightful at pounds 29.
The aromatic flavours of lime blossom and hops subsided to yield a rich, oily finish.
FILL your cupboards with a stock of soothing herbal teas, such as raspberry leaf (good for uterus), camomile (soothing), nettle (rich in iron, good for the blood) fennel (helps digestion), lime blossom (soothing).
Exalting Aromaperfume is pure sensuality with a woody, spicy scent bringing on a feeling of calm and delicious hedonism, while Soothing Aromaperfume renders you tranquil and serene with lime blossom, freesia and camomile.
It has a beautiful lime blossom perfume, with a faint backnote of petrol.
For those who have had a really bad day, treat yourself to one of the most luxurious scented candles from Jo Malone's range - a box of three travel candles in mimosa, lime blossom and tuberose costs pounds 45 (mail order 020 7720 0202).
An initial whiff brought about thoughts of Meyer lemons and Kaffir lime blossoms and, at first taste, flavors of lime, guava, and pineapple poured in.
blanking out the edge of the lime blossoms, then skirting