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Hearing that I was your professional adviser, he declined to interpose before my very limited function was performed.
For their roles as drivers, which the judge said was a "limited function", Cook received a sentence of three years and Hussain a sentence of three years and five months, reflecting the fact Cook had pleaded guilty at an earlier stage while Hussain waited until a month before the trial started.
From being just devices with limited function of calls and texts, smartphones have become a necessary part of our daily lives.
"They have limited function and the idea is to provide function for them that they don't have.
From frontispieces of books to monumental prints created by philosophers in collaboration with renowned artists, Susanna Berger examines visual representations of philosophy and overturns prevailing assumptions about the limited function of the visual in European intellectual history.
However, all other endocrine organs can experience levels of limited function so it is contradictory that the adrenal glands cannot.
The Senator added that due to NEDA's limited function as a mere planning agency without adequate oversight authority, 'many worthy and well-meaning reform initiatives of the government have been unable to achieve their aim of genuine change for the benefit of the people, largely due to what the good secretary characterized as fragmented, uncoordinated, and often interrupted planning, policymaking, programming, and budgetary process.'
Hansen, now 20, has gained limited function in her arms and hands but remains paralyzed from the breastbone down.<br />The defendant motorist, Corbin Hamilton, claimed a mechanical issue caused him to be unable to stop and that Hansen turned left into the path of oncoming traffic, Johnson said.<br />"By the time of trial, he is saying that the accident had already occurred in front of him before he ever got there," Johnson said.
Phillip Tully, for Jones, said she had a limited function under direction and said that an immediate prison sentence in her case would be devastating as she had young children to care for.
Carl Kingsley, representing Horn, said he played a limited function in what went on, but accepted he rented the premises in March and the plants were discovered in April.

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