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1. any large and luxurious car, esp one that has a glass division between the driver and passengers
2. a former type of car in which the roof covering the rear seats projected over the driver's compartment



(Russian, limuzin), a body style of contemporary automobiles. The style has a rigid, transparent partition separating the front seat from the rear area, which is the passenger compartment. Limousine bodies are used only in large, luxurious cars (for example, the ZIL-114).

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An examination of mobile phone records showed Etoile Limosine chief Nils Siegel spoke to French lensman Fabrice Chassery three times on the day of the accident.
A 2007 Black on Black limosine goes with the business.
Gazza has called a woman, who accused him of slapping her from an open limosine sunroof, of being a "money grabbing bitch.
Estendieronse creo de auqellas tierras, e Comarcas de los limosines estas artes a los Galicos, e a esta postrimera occidental parte, pues nuestra Espana, donde asaz prudente, e hermosamente, se han usado: Los Galicos a Franceses escrivieron en diversas maneras Rimos, e Versos, que en quento de los pies, o bordones discrepan.
By comparison, limosines and taxis in the state are required to maintain motor-vehicle liability policies with minimum limits of $125,000 per person for bodily injury, up to $250,000 per incident for bodily injury and $50,000 for property damage.
She also has an album called Drag Queens In Limosines.
In a separate legal action, crash survivor Trevor Rees Jones has lodged a complaint against the Ritz and Etoile Limosines for endangering his life.
I do not think managers and directors of foundations should treat foundations the way some CEOs direct their corporations - as cash cows for their own fulfillment, including limosines and other perks," he said.