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province (2011 pop. 5,404,868), 48,554 sq mi (125,754 sq km), NE South Africa. In 1994, under South Africa's post-apartheid constitution, Limpopo was created from the northern portion of the former province of TransvaalTransvaal
, former province, NE South Africa. With the new constitution of 1994, it was divided into Eastern Transvaal (now Mpumalanga), Northern Transvaal (now Limpopo), Pretoria-Witwatersrand-Veereeniging (now Gauteng), and part of North West prov.
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. First known as Northern Transvaal, then Northern Province, it was given its present name in 2003. It is bounded by Zimbabwe (N), Mozambique (E), Mpumalanga, Gauteng, and North West provinces (S). and Botswana (W).

The province, which named after the LimpopoLimpopo
, river, c.1,100 mi (1,770 km) long, rising in Limpopo prov., South Africa. It flows in a great arc, first north (forming part of the South Africa–Botswana border), then east (forming the South Africa–Zimbabwe border), and finally southeast through Mozambique
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 River, is in the far northeast of the country. It is in an area of subtopical mixed grasslands and trees, commonly known as "bushveld." PolokwanePolokwane
, formerly Pietersburg
, city and local municipality (2011 pop. 625,811), capital of Limpopo prov., NE South Africa. It is primarily the commercial center for the surrounding agricultural area. Iron and other minerals are mined nearby.
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 is the capital and largest municipality.

Limpopo has abundant mineral resources, including platinum, gold, diamonds, copper, emeralds, and coal. Along with mining, agriculture and tourism are the other economic mainstays. Cattle ranching is important, as is forestry and the raising of fruits and vegetables, coffee, nuts, cotton, and tobacco. The northern portion of Kruger National ParkKruger National Park,
game reserve, c.8,000 sq mi (20,720 sq km), Limpopo and Mpumalanga, NE South Africa. One of the world's largest wildlife sanctuaries, it has almost every species of game found in southern Africa.
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 is in the province. The principal languages are Northern Sotho, Tsonga, and Venda.


(lĭmpō`pō), river, c.1,100 mi (1,770 km) long, rising in Limpopo prov., South Africa. It flows in a great arc, first north (forming part of the South Africa–Botswana border), then east (forming the South Africa–Zimbabwe border), and finally southeast through Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. The upper Limpopo is also known as the Krokodil, or Crocodile. The river's main tributary, the Olifants, enters the Limpopo c.130 mi (210 km) from its mouth; below this point the Limpopo is permanently navigable. The lower Limpopo waters a fertile and heavily populated region.
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(also Crocodile, Krokodil), a river in southern Africa, flowing through the Republic of South Africa and Mozambique; in its middle course it forms the border separating the Republic of South Africa from Botswana and Rhodesia. Length, 1,600 km; basin area, 440,000 sq km.

The Limpopo River rises in the slopes of the Witwatersrand, skirts the north side of the veld, flows along the Mozambique lowlands, and empties into the Indian Ocean. Its principal left tributaries are the Notwani, Shashi, and Shangani rivers; the Olifants River is the major right tributary. The upper Limpopo, which crosses arid regions, has a low water level. The Limpopo is primarily fed by its left tributaries and the Olifants River. The water level of the lower course rises 5–7 m above the low-water level during the summer rainy season. The middle and lower courses of the river feed many irrigation systems. The Limpopo is navigable year-round for a distance of 160 km from its mouth.

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1. a province of NE South Africa, comprising the N part of the former province of Transvaal: agriculture and service industries. Capital: Polokwane (formerly Pietersburg). Pop.: 5 511 962 (2004 est.). Area: 123 910 sq. km (47 842 sq. miles). Former name (1994--2002): Northern Province
2. a river in SE Africa, rising in E South Africa and flowing northeast, then southeast as the border between South Africa and Zimbabwe and through Mozambique to the Indian Ocean. Length: 1770 km (1100 miles)
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Several sociopolitical changes in SA could have contributed to the documented decline in the numbers of children with ARF/RHD in Gauteng and Limpopo provinces. These include an improvement in the socioeconomic status of the broader population since the new political dispensation in 1994, less overcrowding in dwellings, free healthcare for children under the age of 6 years, more widespread availability of primary healthcare facilities, and easy access to penicillin for the treatment of all sore throats.[12] The latter resulted in a dramatic decline in the incidence of ARF in Costa Rica and Cuba, as has been well documented.[13,14]
According to PICC (2012:14) the Limpopo province still has the following reserves:
While there have been no reported deaths or injuries from the escaped crocodiles, the BBC notes that the floods that led to their escape have killed at least 10 people in the Limpopo province. Tens of thousands of citizens in nearby Mozambique have also been evacuated from their homes due to the intense flooding.
The Eastern Blotched Leopard, a butterfly of the Nymphalidae family, is found in afromontane and riverine forest from the East Cape and along the escarpment to the midlands of KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland, Mpumalanga and the Wolkberg in the Limpopo Province, north to Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Three baboons - including Bobby, the first ape she rescued - were also killed in the fire at the Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education in Limpopo province.
Based in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the college offers formal training programs for regional wildlife and conservation officers.
The rhinos were anaesthetized and bound by their ankles and transported 1,500 km across South Africa to a new location in Limpopo province. Though, many would think otherwise, the transportation method was apparently the most humane mode of transfer due to it providing the animals with the shortest amount of sedation.
Limpopo province has already lost 27 rhinos in the first half of 2011.
South Africa-based Coal of Africa Limited (COAL.LN) has registered a New Order Mining Right application with the South African Department of Mineral Resources in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
Baloyi, originally from northern Limpopo province, started selling a few at a time beside the road but his son and manager, Lovemore, 29, says they have since sold many thousands.
On June 5, 2008 I was hunting in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.
In both years 2007 and 2008, five boys died while attending initiation "schools" in Limpopo province alone.