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Steffens, Joseph Lincoln


Born Apr. 6, 1866, in San Francisco; died Aug. 9, 1936, in Carmel, Calif. American journalist.

After Steffens graduated from the University of California in 1889, he continued his education in European universities. In the first decade of the 20th century he became the leader of the “muckraker” movement. In his books The Shame of the Cities (1904), The Struggle for Self-government (1906), and The Upbuilders (1909) he revealed the venality of state and local government; however, he shared bourgeois democratic illusions and believed in the power of reforms. In February 1919 he visited Russia and met V. I. Lenin. At the start of the 1930’s, Steffens drew close to the workers’ movement and the Communist Party and spoke out against the threat of fascism. The Autobiography of Lincoln Steffens (1931) is a classic example of memoir literature.


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In Russian translation:
Razgrebatel’ griazi. Moscow, 1949.
Mal’chik na loshadi. Leningrad, 1955.


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Louis" runs in the October issue of McClure's Magazine as the first installment of what becomes known as "The Shame of the Cities," by Lincoln Steffens.
Lincoln Steffens, "Half Free and Fighting On," McClure's Magazine 21 (October 1903): 563.
It was true when Lincoln Steffens interviewed logging giant Frederick Weyerhaeuser about how he assembled his empire out of public lands--"half the forests in America" as Steffens put it.
Jacob Riis wrote about the slums, and Lincoln Steffens brought to light municipal corruption in the new "muckraking" magazines: Twentieth Century Magazine; The Arena) to which Parsons contributed some 40 articles; and, surprisingly, Cosmopolitan.
This book contains seventy-five articles by Norman Solomon who, in the muckraking tradition of Upton Sinclair, Lincoln Steffens, and I.
As Lincoln Steffens so eloquently interprets, ALL journalism is public in its mission and its impact on the people and the community makes it inspirationally public.
And Martin Lomasny said to Lincoln Steffens, "I think .
Another founder, Theodore Roosevelt, invented the term "muckraker" to describe journalists such as Lincoln Steffens and Jacob Riis who played such important roles in the municipal reform movement.
It is curious that Hemingway made no note that Lincoln Steffens had submitted "Cat in the Rain" earlier to Century magazine - by my calculation, in the last week of May.
American writer, biographer, and book editor, best known for his acclaimed literary biographies of Mark Twain, Lincoln Steffens, and Walt Whitman.
In contrast, Lincoln Steffens, a noted predecessor of Fitch who observed power in New York and other cities and countries, found himself highly attracted to the intelligent determination of the financial and political bosses who dominated in his time.
The magazine was especially noted for the articles it published in the early twentieth century by such leading muckrakers as Ida Tarbell and Lincoln Steffens.

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