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A "coordination language" from Yale, providing a model for concurrency with communication via a shared tuple space. Linda is usually implemented as a subroutine library for a specific base language, as in C-Linda, Fortran-Linda, LindaLISP and Prolog-Linda. It is available from Scientific Computing Associates, Inc.

There is a Multi-BinProlog Linda implementation available by

["Generative Communication in Linda", D. Gelernter <>, ACM TOPLAS 7(1):80-112 (1985)].

["Linda in Context", N. Carreiro et al, Yale U., CACM 32(4):444-458, Apr 1989].

See also Ease, Lucinda, Melinda.


A set of parallel processing functions added to languages, such as C and C++, that allows data to be created and transferred between processes. It was developed by Yale professor David Gelernter, when he was a 23-year old graduate student.
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