line of travel

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walking line, line of travel

The usual path taken in climbing stairs, approximately 18 in. (46 cm) from the center line of the handrail.
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The new website will offer many XpresSpa products, featuring a full line of travel accessories manufactured through XpresSpa's partnership with Capelli New York, global designers and manufactures of on-trend private label and branded products.
Contigo's line of travel mugs and water bottles features technology that makes them spill-and-leak proof, great for holiday travel and busy lifestyles.
With lots 1 and 2 of the respective contractor will independently complete line of travel planning for all children to be taught and students.
The new partnership will offer top of the line of travel cases customised to complement the 2012 LFA supercar.
BUG is the latest in a line of travel initiatives put in place to improve transport at the park.
Try the following technique to accurately maintain a line of travel and hit a specific point like a cabin or pond as you're trekking through thick vegetation:
Valerie Mapp has developed a new line of travel sportswear with no buttons, zippers or snaps.
Artisan Gear offers a complete line of travel accessories woven in the U.